How it works?


Imagine simply walking into a restaurant by yourself and asking for a discount – most of the time, you’d be met with a resounding and adamant No! Which is understandable. However, imagine approaching that restaurant with approximately 50,000 diners and asking the same question. Restaro provides the numbers that restaurants need in order to offer solid discounts.

Do you have a passion for exceptional food, wonderful atmospheres, and amazing value? Then Restaro is the place for you. With Restaro, diners come together to benefit from discounts as high as 50% off their food bill at various high-quality restaurants. At the same time, restaurants are able to nourish their business prospects by promoting deals to our devoted members. A total and definitive win-win!


To get started, all you need to do is register at, or download the application. Just type in your information, and you’ll be rewarded with immediate access to all of the restaurant deals you can possibly imagine. What have you got to lose? Try the Restaro App today, and start padding your bank account.