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Restaro.com helps Users to save money and Restaurants to fill up empty places

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What is Restaro.com?

Restaro.com is a diner´s club platform where members getting discounts up to 50 % on their food bill at participating restaurants. We help restaurants increasing their business by promoting their discounts and restaurant to our members.

Restaro.com was founded by Dan Markotic and Joe Saric two long time friends.
Dan was living in New York City and always telling Joe who lived in that time in Croatia that it is expensive eating out every night in New York City. So Dan ( a serial entrepreneur ) came up with the idea to find restaurants who are willing to give discounts if they come from Dan's recommendation. Joe ( a mastermind programmer ) said immediately "why not build a Website / App and create something like a diner´s club, to give Foodies the ability to save money on restaurant visits."
Dan realized that this was a great idea, not only for the Foodies also for the restaurants, cause they had the chance now to promote their "slow business days" with huge discounts to the crowd out there and to attract them.
So a great idea was born.


Save money while
dine out with your
family and friends.


We only charge
a 1$ / Month
membership fee.

New customers

Restaro.com brings
restaurants new customers
and users new experience.

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Benefits for Restaurants:

Nobody knows your business better than you do. You know which days of the week are slow and which are busy. With our site we help you to fill up the blank areas in your reservation calendar. Unlike other directories or Deal-Sites that take 30 % - 70 % of each transaction ( yes they are companies out there thinking you are making millions with selling one cup of Water ), Restaro.com takes nothing-zero-zilch-nada from each customer we bring you in.

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Say bye to empty tables!

With Restaro.com you can instantly promote your discount rate to fill up your place.

Absolutely Free!

Restaro.com charges nothing for each customer we bring you in neither for the restaurant management tools.

Benefits for Diners?

Eating out can be very expensive. We think it´s unfair eating at one restaurant twice a week and not receiving any awards for your loyality?
At Restaro.com we will change that. All our members will get a permanent 10 % Discount on their foodbill at all our partner restaurants.
Besides that, our partner restaurants are obligated to have at least once a week a special discount day with a minimum of 25 % discount and more.


Discounts up to 50 % at all our partner restaurants!

Restaurant Finder

Find the best deals available in your area.

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Awesome Features

Restaro.com is full with awesome features. From "Online reservation" to "review the waiter" and much much more.

For Restaurants

Deals Advertising
Reservation Management
Digital Sommelier ( Wine Menu )
Customer Database
Sales Statistics
Staff Management
Digital Menu
Navigate to My Restaurant Tool
and much more to come (Cashier System, Warehouse management etc.)


For Diners

Deals Finder
Restaurant Detector
Restaurant Navigator
Review Management
Tip Calculator
Spending Management
Online Reservation