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Why Restaurants choose Restaro.com?

Restaro.com helps you to maximize your utilization and boost your sales. With your listing at restaro.com you are expanding your Internet presence and become also mobile available.
We will promote your restaurant and discount rate to our diners´club members and bring new customer to your restaurant. Think of us as your own powerful marketing tool.
We help you increasing your sales, even the customer is not in your place. With our Digital Wine Menu (Sommelier ) and our partner program with Wine Online Retailers you will get a commission every time your customer does a purchase from one of your wines, listed at your Digital Wine Menu.

Rerservation System

Be available for your guests 24/7. take,manage and confirm reservations online or by phone.

Staff management

Control your Staff, their working hours and the reviews given from the customer for him.

Online Food Menu

Digitalize your food menu so users can see what you are offering before entering your place.

Digital Wine Menu

Explain customers your Wine. With this function you will have a Digital Sommelier with all information about wines you are offering.

What is Restaro.com?

Restaro.com was founded by Dan Markotic and Joe Saric two long time friends.

Dan was living in New York City and always telling Joe who lived in that time in Croatia that it is expensive eating out every night in New York City. So Dan ( a serial entrepreneur ) came up with the idea to find restaurants who are willing to give discounts if they come from Dan's recommendation. Joe ( a mastermind programmer ) said immediately "why not build a Website / App and create something like a diner´s club, to give Foodies the ability to save money on restaurant visits."

Dan realized that this was a great idea, not only for the Foodies also for the restaurants, cause they had the chance now to promote their "slow business days" with huge discounts to the crowd out there and to attract them.

So a great idea was born.

How it works?

10% discount

Thats the discount rate you give to every Restaro.com member with a valid card or App.

Special Discount

Once a week you need to give a special discount to Restaro.com members. Of course you can give discounts more than 25% and more than once a week. It's up to you.

Food only Discounts

All the discounts are only for Food. For drinks or deserts customer pay full price.

Up to 4 guests

The discount rate is only for up to 4 guests per card. If you wish you can easily increase this number.